Edgebanding OUTWATER INTRODUCES A COMPLETE LINE OF REHAU EDGEBANDING We Can Match Virtually Any Laminate Color, Call Us Today FOR AUTOMATIC EDGEBANDERS Eco StyleTM ABS Edgeband AVAILABLE WIDTH SIZES: 15/16" & 1-5/16" THICKNESS: .018, .020 - 600 FT. COILS, 3MM - 300 FT. COILS ABS is chlorine - free both in its manufacture and in the final product. Unlike PVC, ABS may be incinerated with general waste. Additionally, this thermoplastic material is impact and temperature resistant, lighter in weight and highly heat resistant. Material is produced in our North American facility according to ISO 14001 environmental standards. Part# Size Color Or Woodgrain Thickness Coil Size Price ABS1516-FOG ABS1516-BLK ABS1516-GW ABS1312-WHT ABS1312-BLK ABS3MM-WHT ABS3MM-BLK ABS13123-FK ABS13123-BLK 15/16" 15/16" 15/16" 1-5/16" 1-5/16" 15/16" 15/16" 1-5/16" 1-5/16" Fog Black Gunstock Walnut White Black White Black Folkstone Black 0.018" 0.018" 0.018" 0.02" 0.02" 3mm 3mm 3mm 3mm 600 600 600 600 600 300 300 300 300 $111.70 ea. $111.70 ea. $128.50 ea. $129.32 ea. $129.32 ea. $165.27 ea. $165.27 ea. $179.85 ea. $179.85 ea. VisionsTM Glass Like AVAILABLE WIDTH SIZES: 23MM & 45MM THICKNESS: 2MM - 328 FT. COILS Glass is synonymous with clarity, light and openness, with visionsTM edgeband achieves the unique appearance of real glass using lightweight, robust polymer. We create the illusion of depth by applying a decorative print to the underside of transparent Poly (Methyl Methacrylate PMMA) material. When this material is radiused or beveled, it diffuses light in the same way as real glass. By combining vision edgeband with matching boards or laminates, you can achieve the appearance of a real sheet of glass. Part# Size Color Thickness Coil Size Price VEB232M-IB VEB452-IB 23mm 45mm Ice Blue Ice Blue 2mm 2mm 328 328 $325.81 ea. $473.56 ea. MagicTM Metallic AVAILABLE WIDTH SIZES: 22MM, 28MM & 43MM THICKNESS: 1.5MM - 492 FT. COILS Using various combination of genuine aluminum edgeband and polymers, MagicTM Metallic edgeband achieves the look and feel of metal banding without its processing drawbacks. The magic collection, offered in aluminum and stainless steel finishes, includes metallic surface, translucent and magic creativoTM, a twin level solid or printed surface with metallic overlay. Part# Size Color Thickness Coil Size Price MM2215 MM2815 MM4315 22mm 28mm 43mm Magic Metallic Aluminum Finish Magic Metallic Aluminum Finish Magic Metallic Aluminum Finish 1.5mm 1.5mm 1.5mm 492 492 492 $337.27 ea. $432.22 ea. $669.65 ea. Minimum order is $25.00 (Merchandise only). Orders less than this minimum will be billed as $25.00 plus shipping charges and tax, if applicable. Rehau Edgebanding, Rehau Edge Banding, Rehau Eco Edge Abs, Rehau Visions Glass Like, Rehau Magic Metallic Phone:1-800-631-8375 · Fax:1-800-888-3315 A-17
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