2" EDGE Low Profile Bumper Guard · New modern design · Made from polycarbonate -Proformance is better (exceeds) PVC or ABS competitors. · Modular design allows for easy installation. 0.7" [18mm] Fixture & Wall Bumper New IGID GGE-20EDG-BK CGB-20-BK 2" [51mm] GGT-20EDG-BK GGT-20EDG-BK CGB-20-BK Mounting Surface #8 x 1" Fastener GGE-20EDG-BK GGC-20EDG-BK #8 x 1" 4" O.C. Max CGB-20-BK GGT-20EDG-BK GGT-20EDG-BK 3" Rigid Top Polycarbonate CGB-20-BK 2" Universal Top PVC Part # Description Material Each Part # Description Material Length 12' 12' $2.75 ft. $2.50 ft. $1.35 ft. $0.89 ft. Price 12 Ft. 288 Ft. K K er GGC-20EDG-BK #8 x 1" 4" O.C. Max GGE-20E-BK 2" End Cap Polycarbonate $4.40 $4.00 ea. GGC-20E-BK 2" Corner Polycarbonate $6.90 $6.46 ea. Color matching available, allow 4-8 weeks. Price 50+ 3" Polycarbonate Bumper [PVC Base] · Damage protection for fixtures, merchandisers, walls and vestibules. · Decorative ribbing helps hide scuff marks GGE-35 CGB-35-BK IGID 0.9" [23mm] GGE-35 m] GGT-35 5 K er GGC-35 #8 x 1" 4" O.C. Max GGT-35-* CGB-35-BK CGB-35-BK 3" [76mm] Part # Description 3" Top 3" Base Polycarbonate PVC Material Material Length 12' 12' $3.25 ft. $2.85 ft. $1.40 ft. $1.15 ft. Price 12 Ft. 288 Ft. GGE-35-* 3" End Cap Polycarbonate $4.65 $3.59 ea. GGC-35-* 3" Corner Polycarbonate $6.20 $5.80 ea. GGT-35 Part # Description Each Price 50+ *STOCK COLORS: Red PMS 1797C Hussmann 715, Kysor 161 Brown PMS 1545C Beige PMS 4685C Mounting Surface Click Here GGT-35 CGB-35-BK #8 x 1" Fastener Black #8 x 1" Silver O.C. Max 4" Gray PMS 430C Hussmann 054 PMS 877C PMS Black GGC-35 Hussmann 701,Kysor 85 B-60 Minimum order is $25.00 (Merchandise only). Orders less than this minimum will be billed as $25.00 plus shipping charges and tax, if applicable. OUTWATER PLASTICS INDUSTRIES, INC. · www.outwater.com Other colors are special order, minimums apply. CATALOG IS PRICED IN U.S. DOLLARS Rigid Impact Protection System, Rigid Fixture Protection System, Rigid Wall Bumper Protection System, Rigid Wall Protection System, Rigid Greenguard, Rigid Green Guard, Rigid Cartguard, Rigid Cart Guard, 2" green guard edge, 2 inch green guard edge, store fixture bumper guards, wall bumper guards, polycarbonate bumper guards, plastic bumper guards, display cabinet bumper guards, wall corner guards, corner protectors, bumper protection, wall protection, wall guards, bumper protectors, Low Profile Edge Bumper,
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