Impact Protection can be found in a variety of settings, from hospitals and nursing homes, to colleges, offices, casinos, hotels and warehouses. Handrails, wall guards, corner guards and door/frame protection come in a multitude of colors, profiles and materials. Choose from stainless steel, aluminum, wood, PVC or combinations of materials to match the protection level your environment requires while at the same time complementing décor. Impact Protection System PRIMARY COLOR PALLET Add appropriate color code to part number. PROMPT PRIMARY COLORS Please refer to individual parts for inclusion. Usually stocked for immediate shipment Prompt Primary colors do not apply to all products. 370 Eggshell 313 Champagne 2 Ivory 210 Silver Gray 1 Black Typically ships within 1 week 301 Linen White 3 Tan 377 Teal 265 Windsor Blue STANDARD PRIMARY COLORS Typically ships within 3-4 weeks 10 White 21 Cappuccino 676 Dover White 113 Toffee 269 Ecru 293 Sea Foam 238 Bone 483 Harvard Gray 554 Mission White 176 Taupe 268 Doeskin 204 Shell 366 Soft Peach 382 Stormy Blue 29 Blue Ice 297 Chinchilla 541 White Sand 718 Silkworm 379 Mohave Sand 486 Caisson 381 Dawn 371 Sage Green 490 Blue Bird 289 Pearl Gray 361 Pearl 193 Wheat 148 Desert Sand 359 Ginger Spice 373 English Rose 376 Pale Jade 520 Brittany Blue 5 Gray 555 Porcelain 411 Pumice 497 Chablis 288 Mocha 494 Lavender Heather 300 Grotto 583 Alexis Blue 385 Beige Desert 263 Pale Yellow 682 Khaki Brown 694 Café Au Lait 304 Victorian Rose 156 Hunter Green 369 Blue Fog 648 Monterey 569 Saffron 22 Woodlands 337 Carnival Red 234 Plumberry 175 Amazon 281 Bermuda Custom Colors - 500 ft. minimum order for color matching. Color & setup charges are on a per run basis. Please inquire. Installation - Normally with screws, molly bolts or toggle bolts. Most sold separately. 4 Brown 421 Dandelion 255 Monarch 380 Cordovan NOTE: Due to fading, discoloration & paper aging, the colors on this page may vary from the actual colors. Please request samples before placing your order for color accuracy. Phone:1-800-631-8375 · Fax:1-800-888-3315 Impact Protection System, Corner Guard, Wall Guard, Handrail, Red-E-Clip Design, Accent Rail, Molded Corner Bumper, Wall Covering, Wall Covering Panel, Accessory Moulding for Wall Covering, B-61
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