Plastic Cabinet Components CORNER PROTECTORS · Designed to protect vulnerable corners of mirrors, cabinet doors and picture frames. 3/8" CORNER BRACES · Designed to strengthened and stabilize the cabinet during the manufacturing process. · To be installed in the top section of the base cabinet and aid in securing the countertop. 1.190 Material: H.D.P.E. 2 1/8" Material: H.D.P.E. 2.600 For 3/16" or 1/4" Glass Part # Color 100 Pcs. 1000 Pcs. 3.690 Part # Color 100 Pcs. 1000 Pcs. R44-370 White $25.00/C $78.00/M GC-215 White $20.00/C $170.00/M Material: H.D.P.E. Material: H.D.P.E. Part # Color 100 Pcs. 1000 Pcs. Part # Color 100 Pcs. 1000 Pcs. CP-448 White $25.00/C $195.00/M CB-2500 White $22.00/C $75.00/M Material: Polyethylene 5/8" 2-1/4" 2-1/4" Material: Polyethylene Accepts Up To 1/2" Thick Material Part # Color 100 Pcs. 1000 Pcs. Part # Color 100 Pcs. 1000 Pcs. CB-920 White $16.00/C $65.00/M GC-500 White $8.00/C $63.00/M PLASTIC WEDGE & DOOR STOP Material: H.D.P.E. · Wedges are used to assure proper positioning of hinged doors · Wedges guide doors when case is out of alignment · Neat appearance, assures doors stay closed, economical & does not require finishing. · May be installed at top or bottom of all doors, side of single doors. GLUE AND STAPLE BLOCKS · Stapled inside the cabinet to hold the cabinet backs and sides together during the assembly process. Material: Styrene 2-1/4" 250 Pcs. per Box 7/16" Part # Color 100 Pcs. 1000 Pcs. R44-445 Beige $8.00/C $39.00/M Material: Polyethylene Part # Color 100 Pcs. 1000 Pcs. R50-441DBR R50-441WH Dark Brown White $0.17 ea. $0.17 ea. $134.00/M $134.00/M TOE KICK BRACKET A B A .75" 2" .75" 1.045" Material: Styrene C C .910" 4" .75" 1.045" B · Designed to stabilize and strengthen the toe kick area of the cabinet · Staple mount TK-880-BK End Panel (Right Hand) TK-960-BK End TK-880-BK Panel TK-960-BK 1.130 2.875" .910" .75" 1.305" .500 Toe Kick (Front) .500 4.00 4.50 A B C R44-250 White R44-300 White R44-400 White Part # Color Size 2" 3" 4" $9.00/C $11.00/C $14.00/C 100 Pcs. $56.00/M $72.00/M $91.00/M 1000 Pcs. Accept Up To 1/2" Thick Material Part # Color Inset 100 Pcs. 1000 Pcs. TK-880BK TK-960BK Black Black 4" $31.00/C $157.00/M 4-1/2" $49.00/C $196.00/M FLOOR GLIDE AND PROTECTOR · Staple to underside of cabinets or furniture · Prevents damage to cabinets during handling and transportation. · 1/4" (60mm) of clearance between cabinet and floor Part # Color Size 100 Pcs. 1000 Pcs. BREAK-AWAY PLASTIC FURNITURE WEDGE 0 - 1/4" High 3/4" Width Material: Polyethylene Material: Polystyrene R32-737 Natural 1-1/2" $7.50/C $59.00/M 3-3/4" Length Part # Color 100 Pcs. 1000 Pcs. 58-076-400 Dark Brown $7.00/C $60.00/M G-29 Minimum order is $25.00 (Merchandise only). Orders less than this minimum will be billed as $25.00 plus shipping charges and tax, if applicable. OUTWATER PLASTICS INDUSTRIES, INC. · CATALOG IS PRICED IN U.S. DOLLARS plastic cabinet components, cabinet components, cabinet hardware, cabinet parts, woodworking parts, wood working parts, cabinet corner protectors, furniture corner protectors, mirror corner protectors, picture frame corner protectors, cabinet protector, furniture protectors, mirror protectors, picture frame protectors, cabinet corner braces, cabinet braces, glue blocks, staple blocks, glue & staple blocks, plastic wedge, plastic cabinet door wedge, cabinet door plastic wedge, plastic cabinet door stop, cabinet door plastic stop, floor glides, floor protectors, toe kick bracket, corner bracket, hardware bracket, break-away plastic furniture wedge, furniture wobble wedges, furniture wobble stopper
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