4 ft. Tall x 3 in. Wide (each side) x 1 in. Thick HISTORIC BRICK CORNERS $ 37.45 EACH COR-RG-BRICK Red Brick Gray Grout COR-COLTAN-BRICK Colonial Tan COR-WH-BRICK White COR-TAN-BRICK Tan COR-ORANGE-BRICK Burnt Orange COR-OW-BRICK Old World COR-DG-BRICK Dark Brick Gray Grout COR-DD-BRICK Dark Brick Dark Grout STONEWALL COLUMNS 4 ft. Tall x 10 in. Wide (each side) x 2 in. Thick $ 90.91 EACH COL-STONE-NAT Natural Gray COL-STONE-GRAY Gray COL-STONE-LGRAY Light Gray COL-STONE-LTAN Light Tan COL-STONE-TAN Tan ADHESIVE & GROUT PL Premium Adhesive ADH1 10.6 oz. cartridge 3/8" bead yields approx 24 lineal feet per cartridge. (The average panel will require approx 12 lineal feet of adhesive per panel) Phone: 1-800-835-4400 Fax: 1-800-835-4403 $5.84 ea. Color Matched Grout $8.64 ea. 10.3 oz. cartridge PART # TPG-BROWN TPG-BLACK TPG-DARGRAY TPG-LIGGRAY TPG-TAN TPG-WHITE 21
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