Edgebanding Tools HAND HELD EDGEBANDING APPLICATOR The H40 Edgemate Applicator is hand held and perfect for smaller jobs. It has an adjustable thermostat - from 250o - 450o. Heating element is also available. H40...$64.00 ea. 1 MANUAL EDGE BANDER For banding pre-glued edges on PVC, polyester, melamine and veneer. It can band both straight and shaped work pieces. Through special design of an adjustable clamp high precision work and reliability are ensured. Guillotine knife for end trimming and roll-holder included as standard equipment. (Includes Edge Bander, Edge Trimmer & End Trimmer) 3 EDGE TRIMMER Double edge trimmer. Cuts both sides simultaneously, finishing operations. For edges up to 40mm. For larger edges it can be used as two independent edge trimmers. Top quality long life blades which are easy to replace once worn. EBS-930...$18.00 EBS-930-RB...$10.65 ea. (Replacement Blade) EBS-980...$575.75 ea. EBS-980-XBLADE 2 END TRIMMER Manual end trimmer. It allows a perfect, clean and high quality cut on all the corners of the board. No other finishing operations are needed. Equipped with double sided blades. EBS-210...$59.70 EBS-210-RB...$20.05 ea. (Replacement Blade) SPECIFICATIONS: (Replacement Blade)...$17.15 ea. · Double Insulation · Max. Banding Width - 50mm · Temperature - 300°C (570°F) to 525°C (1000°F) · Air Delivery - 400/min. · Input Power - 115/230 V, 50-60 Hz. · Weight - 2,7 Kgs · Maximum Material End Trimmer, Edge Trimmer & Manual Edgebander Thickness- 1mm 2 3 1 Trims up to 1mm each side. Max Edge Width: 2.4" Multipurpose Cutter WITH 5 INTERCHANGEABLE ANVILS IN A CONVENIENT STORAGE CASE $44.00/kit MITER ANVIL SINGLE RADIUS ANVIL For 90° angles. CL46 Clipper DELIVERS QUICK CLEAN CUTS Plastic Tubing - Rubber - Weather Stripping - Rope - Twine - Leather - Plants/Shrubs - Crafts - Wood Trim - Carpeting - Linoleum - Auto Trim - Auto Belts & Hoses Nylon and much more! · Replacement stainless steel blades (previously carbon) · New convenient blade storage in the handle blade tray slips into handle for storage of extra blades. · Now available in 2 sizes: 2-1/2" & 3-7/8". · New replacement kit contains 3 stainless steel blades and 1 anvil: complete with storage tray. CT-2000 For mitering at multiple angles. For 1" dia. material. For straight and flat cuts. FLAT ANVIL DOUBLE RADIUS ANVIL For 5/8" and 3/4" dia. material. REPLACEMENT PARTS AVAILABLE: BLADE RIGHT ANGLE ANVIL SINGLE RADIUS ANVIL CT-BLD...$7.85 ea. · Heavy duty forged steel blade for extra tough materials. · Ergonomic handle for comfortable use. DOUBLE RADIUS ANVIL · Lightweight diecast CT-DRA...$4.25 ea. aluminum anvils. CT-RAA...$4.25 ea. CT-SRA...$4.25 ea. MITER ANVIL FLAT ANVIL CT-MA...$4.25 ea. CT-FA...$4.25 ea. CL46-25...2-1/2" Clipper...$18.90 CL46...3-7/8" Clipper...$21.00 Replacement Kits: CL46-25RK...$5.36 CL46RK...$5.36 Utility Knives / Scraper BIG BLUE LARGE BREAKAWAY BLADE UTILITY KNIFE · Blue plastic casing · Includes one blade with 7-point segments · Replacement blades available #BBK-80K.....$0.67 ea. Replacement Blades: · Must be purchased in multiples of 12 pieces #BBK-80B.....$0.20 ea. DIECAST UTILITY KNIFE · High quality pewter die casting handle · 10-steps positioning lock · Lock blade compatible, each furnished with one blade #DCB-219K.....$2.57 ea. RAZOR BLADE SCRAPER · Yellow plastic casing Includes one blade · Replacement blades available #S98-20S.....$0.65 ea. Replacement Blades: · Must be purchased in multiples of 5 pieces #S98-SB5.....$0.15 ea. Made in China Maxi-Edge Clamp, Edgebanding Applicator, Edge Banding Applicator, Edgebanding Applicater, Edge Banding Applicater, Manual Edgebander, Manual Edge Bander, Edge Trimmer, Edgeband Trimmer, Edge Band Trimmer, Edgebanding Trimmer, Edge Banding Trimmer, Manual End Trimmer, Manual Edgeband End Trimmer, Manual Edge Band End Trimmer, Manual Edgebanding End Trimmer, Manual Edge Banding End Trimmer, Multipurpose Cutter, Multi Purpose Cutter, Multi-Purpose Cutter, Anvil, Multipurpose Cutter, Multi Purpose Cutter, Multi-Purpose Cutter, Tools, Utility Knife, Razor Blade Scraper, Razer Blade Scraper Minimum order is $25.00 (Merchandise only). Orders less than this minimum will be billed as $25.00 plus shipping charges and tax, if applicable. Phone:1-800-631-8375 · Fax:1-800-888-3315 A-13
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