Brackets Accessories 48" METAL SHELF SUPPORT · Made of .093 thick rolled steel · Gives added support to glass shelves Merchandising Essentials WORKS WITH BRACKETS AND STANDARDS ON PAGE B-52 REAR MOUNT BRACKET · Holds 1" x 1" tubing KNIFE RESTS · Fits 3/32" thick material Front Center/ Back Part # Part # Finish Price Part # Finish Each Style Finish 100 Pcs. 1000 Pcs. SSPT-48 Zinc Inquire · Rubber SQ/ST Chrome $1.70 169-47-1110 Front Clear Butyrate $28.40/C $211.00/M 169-47-1100 Center/Back Clear Butyrate $28.40/C $211.00/M CLEAR ROUND SHELF BUMPER RECTANGULAR SHELF BUMPERS · Fits over brackets Part # Part # 100 Pcs. 1000 Pcs. Color 100 Pcs. 1000 Pcs. Stainless Steel Slotted Standards THIN SHELF STANDARD ROHS COMPLIANT BH100CL $7.00/C $65.00/M SB109-WH White $8.00/C $67.00/M SB109-GY Gray $8.00/C $67.00/M SB109-TR Translucent $8.00/C $67.00/M · 430 Stainless Steel · Measuring just under 1/2" W at 15/32"! · 71-5/8" L Part # · 430 Stainless Steel ROHS · Unique slim profile COMPLIANT · 5/16" W x 71-21/32" L · Easy to cut to desired length Standard SPN-1820 Satin Part # Finish Each NARROW SHELF STANDARD · 430 Stainless Steel · 19/32" x 71-21/32" L · Screw holes & slots are concealed when used with cover strips Standard SPW-1820 Satin $8.50 Cover Strip PVC Plastic SPW-CV1820-WT White $0.94 SPW-CV1820-BR Brown $1.36 Shelf Supports 304 Stainless Steel Housing w/Elastomer Cover Load Capacity: 132 lbs./4 pcs. SPW-20-WT White $0.85 SPW-20-BR Brown $0.85 End Caps for Standard Polypropylene SPW-EC20-WT White $0.31 SPW-EC20-BR Brown $0.31 Part # Finish Each COVERED SHELF STANDARD ROHS COMPLIANT Standards SPE-1820 Plain Steel $4.68 SPE-1820WT White $9.86 Shelf Supports 403 Stainless Steel SPE-FB20S Plain Steel $0.51 SPE-FB20SWT White $1.24 End Cap for Standards Elastomer (TPE) SPE-FC20 Light Gray $0.43 Finish Each $7.48 Shelf Support 304 Stainless Steel SPN-15 Plain Steel $0.34 Cover for Shelf Support Elastomer SPN-15C White $0.34 End Cap for Standard Polypropylene SPN-17EC White $0.26 Cover Shelf Supports Shelf Support Shelf Supports w/Covers End Cap End Cap Full Line Master Distributor Click To View End Caps Cover Strips Minimum order is $25.00 (Merchandise only). Orders less than this minimum will be billed as $25.00 plus shipping charges and tax, if applicable. Phone:1-800-631-8375 · Fax:1-800-888-3315 B-53 brackets accessories, shelf brackets accessories, shelving brackets accessories, metal shelf support, steel shelf support, rear mount shelf bracket support, knife rests for shelving, knife rests for brackets, glass shelf rests, clear round shelf bumpers, rectangular shelf bumpers, sugatsune slotted standards, sugatsune stainless steel slotted standards, sugatsune metal slotted standards, sugatsune thin shelf standards, sugatsune narrow shelf standards, sugatsune covered shelf standards, sugatsune shelf supports
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