Staple-On Strip Glide · Material: H.D.P.E. · Strip glides are molded 8 glides per strip for easy installation. · Position first glide on leg. Hold remaining strip in your hand and drive staple through glide into the leg. · Lift and twist remaining strip off. · Use galvanized staples to prevent rust. · Use staples at least 3/4" long. R32-117 5/8" DIA. R32-449 1/2" DIA. In-Plant Floor Glide Glides / Strip Glides · Material: H.D.P.E. · Use to make moving furniture easier during manufacturing. · Glide is stapled to frame rail or stretcher · Glides are disposable Lift, twist & separate strip from installed glide R32-117BE Beige R32-449WH White R32-449DB Dk. Brown Part # Color $8.00/C $8.00/C $8.00/C 100 Pcs. Price 1000 Pcs. $28.00/M $27.00/M $27.00/M Inverted view of upholstered furniture showing installation Part # Color 100 Pcs. Price 1000 Pcs. Stud Type Button Glides · Material: H.D.P.E. · Slippery, self-lubricating plastic glide. · Glides are soft, yet tough and resilient. · Button glides install into a round drilled or punched hole. · May be installed in wood, sheet metal or other materials. Part # Color 100 Pcs. Price 1000 Pcs. 3/8" 3/16" 5/16" R32-839 White $8.00/C $45.00/M Ganging Clip Material: H.D.P.E Designed for connecting 1" round chair legs together so chairs stay even in rows. Can also be used for 1" round tubing. To install simply snap into place. Part # 100 Pcs. Price 1000 Pcs. .189 R31-150 5000 Pcs. R31-151 R31-153 R31-150WH R31-151WH R31-153WH R31-156WH R31-4036WH White White White White White $10.00/C $10.00/C $10.00/C $10.00/C $10.00/C $29.00/M $29.00/M $29.00/M $29.00/M $29.00/M $24.00/M $24.00/M $24.00/M $24.00/M $24.00/M 1912-BK R31-4036 R31-156 $15.00/C $130.00/M Most parts priced at 100 pcs., for lesser quantities please inquire. Sections · Material: H.D.P.E. Adhesive Glide Strips R46-450 Break-Away Plastic Furniture Wedge Material: Polystyrene 0 - 1/4" High 3/4" Width · Smooth gliding action after application. · Used under glass tops where sliding action is needed, in heavy wood drawers where nailing is difficult and in metal drawers when drilling is to be avoided. Part # Color 1000 Pcs. 18 GLIDES PER 12" SECTION R46-4046 3-3/4" Length Part # Color 100 Pcs. 1000 Pcs. 58-076-400 Dk. Brown $7.00/C $60.00/M R46-450OW Off White R46-4046OW Off White R46-4046BK Black R46-4023OW Off White R46-4023BK Black $60.00/M $70.00/M $70.00/M $62.00/M $62.00/M 9 GLIDES PER 12" SECTION R46-4023 Floor Glide And Protector · Material: Polyethylene · Staple to underside of cabinets or furniture · Prevents damage to cabinets during handling and transportation. · 1/4" (60mm) of clearance between cabinet and floor Part # Size Color 100 Pcs. 1000 Pcs. · Material is supplied in 12" sections. · Glides can be peeled off one at a time. 9 GLIDES PER 12" SECTION · Material: H.D.P.E. · One piece glide strip. · Coil may be cut to desired length. Part # Color 100 Ft. Continuous Coil R32-737 1-1/2" Natural $7.50/C $59.00/M 1000 Ft. R46-451OW Off White $39.00/C $250.00/M Minimum order is $25.00 (Merchandise only). Orders less than this minimum will be billed as $25.00 plus shipping charges and tax, if applicable. Glide, Staple On Strip Glide, Staple-On Strip Glide, In Plant Floor Glide, In-Plant Floor Glide, Stud Type Button Glide, Stud Button Glide, Ganging Clip, Adhesive Glide Strip Phone:1-800-631-8375 · Fax:1-800-888-3315 E-26
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