Concealed Digital Lock For Drawer Slides Invisible RFID Function Digital Lock for Drawer Slides · Material: ABS Black Housing Zinc Alloy Receiver · Station Mode: Repeated use with assigned programmed master or user RFID card · Door/Drawer Thickness: Works with 14", 16", 18", 20", 22" Full Extension Drawer Slides · Included for Installation: Sensor area sticker, 1 ABS striking plate for auto open, dead bolt for auto open, set of screws · # of Users per Lock: Can program 1 master and up to 50 user cards · RFID Range: Must touch the card to drawer · Level of Security: Master card is used to create User card or bracelet Battery Information Battery Type Approximate Battery Life 3 AAA (Not included) 4,000 times / 6 months (24,000 Cycles) Low battery will beep several days Low/Dead Battery before it stops working. When battery dies, the lock stays in the unlock position and beeps. Unlocks latch automatically when Battery Back-up under low battery. Simply change battery for continuous function. Tools required for Battery change Easy installation of battery 83.8 Drawer Top 83 34 3-ø3.5 13.5 23 3.9 Digital Locks New DGL-RF-DWS-BK Each: $47.00 10 Pcs.: $44.00 ea. Added Security - Cabinet does not appear locked from the naked eye Easy programmability Attaches to the drawer Touch card to drawer See below for Accessories 23 95.8 83.8 Drawer Top 83 34 3-ø3.5 13.5 23 3.9 27.8 93.8 95.8 Pops open when unlocked Drawer Door 16.5 Drawer opens Pop-out distance approximately 4" 23 27.8 93.8 95.8 (3-19/32") 91 (2-9/32") 95.8 44 30 58 Drawer Door Click Here Full Extension Drawer Slides sold separately, see page H-32 for our OI-9500 Series Drawer locks without the visibility of a lock, providing a streamlined appearance 16.5 Push drawer to close/lock Accessories For Concealed Digital Locks RFID User Bracelets (3-19/32") (2-9/32") 44 30 58 RFID Cards 91 DGL-RF-BR-BL $4.95 ea. Blue DGL-RF-BR-PK $4.95 ea. Pink DGL-RF-BR-RD $4.95 ea. Red DGL-RF-CD-M DGL-RF-CD-U Part # RFID Master Card Blue $5.95 ea. RFID User Card White $3.95 ea. CATALOG IS PRICED IN U.S. DOLLARS Description Price G-11c Minimum order is $25.00 (Merchandise only). Orders less than this minimum will be billed as $25.00 plus shipping charges and tax, if applicable. OUTWATER PLASTICS INDUSTRIES, INC. · Locks, Digital Locks, Concealed Locks, Concealed Digital Locks, Concealed Digital Locks For Drawer Slides, Electronic Locks, RFID Locks, Invisible RFID Function Digital Locks, RFID Function Digital Locks, RFID User Bracelets, RFID Cards,
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