Concealed Hinges Material: Nickel Plated Steel BLUM PLATES New Face Frame Cabinet Adapter Plates E. Cam Adjustable Center Mount Cam Height Adjustment: ±2mm Part # 175H6000 175H6040 175H6060 175H6030 Plate Height 0mm 4.5mm 6mm 3mm Attachment Screw Size: #7 x 3/4" Price Each $0.95 $1.10 $1.19 $1.05 Pieces Per Carton 250 pcs. 250 pcs. 250 pcs. 250 pcs. Carton Price $ 0.85 ea. $0.97 ea. $1.05 ea. $0.83ea. H 9.5 F. Off-Center Plate Cam Height Adjustment: ±2mm 40 G. Inset Plate Cam Height Adjustment: ±2mm 10 10 14 32 H H 12.5 40 12° Part # 175H6600 Plate Height 0mm Attachment Screw Size: #7 x 3/4" Price Each $0.95 Pieces Per Carton 250 pcs. Carton Price $0.84 ea. Part # 175H5030.21 Plate Height 9mm Attachment Screw Size: #8 x 3/4" Truss Head Screw Price Each $2.14 Pieces Per Carton 250 pcs. Carton Price $1.89 ea. SCREWS SOLD SEPARATELY- SEE PAGE H-17 Use with partial overlay hinges only ECODRILL 9.5 door Ø 35 INSERTA Boring Template Guides for boring O8 holes ASSEMBLY AIDS PLATEMATE 65.059-01 B C Guides for O5 holes 45 Ø8 O35 flange fits in pre-bored hole adjustable Centerline locators M4 x 25 mm spacer screws included · · · · · Simple device for boring Blum hinge pattern Driven by electric/cordless drill (18V or higher) Boring distance adjusts from 2mm to 8mm Clamps to various door thicknesses up to 40mm Includes drill bits (pre-installed) and two Torx bits Description ECODRILL Replacment ø35mm bit Replacment ø8mm bit Tool Set Price $411.60 ea. $138.81 ea. $64.19 ea. $38.24 ea. Part # M31.1000 M31.ZB35.02 M31.ZB08.02 MZW.1300 · For boring ø8mm dowel holes after ø35mm hole is bored · Boring distance adjusts from 2mm to 8mm · Also bores ø5mm holes for system screw mounting plates · Includes drill stop collar to pilot bore ø2.5mm for screw-on plates Part # 65.059A Description INSERTA Boring Template Price $47.43 ea. · Boring template for all blum face frame adapter plates · Clamps to the frame with cam lever · Adjustment knob accommodates frame thickness of 5/8" to 1" · Spacer screws permit quick use without measuring · Includes 2.5mm pilot bit and drill bit extension Part # 65.5030.01 Description PLATEMATE Price $113.25 ea. Mounting Plate Template 32 32 37 20 Knock-In Tool · Use with CLIP mounting plates on overlay applications on panel cabinets · For wing mounting plates (37mm setback) and in-line mounting plates (20mm setback) · Simple location of mounting plate screw positions · Pilot bore ø2.5mm holes for wood screws Part # 65.5300 Description Mounting Plate Template Price $7.98 ea. · Can be used to insert all Blum press-in hinges Part # ZME.0710 Description Knock-In Tool Price $96.05 ea. H-12 Minimum order is $25.00 (Merchandise only). Orders less than this minimum will be billed as $25.00 plus shipping charges and tax, if applicable. OUTWATER PLASTICS INDUSTRIES, INC. · CATALOG IS PRICED IN U.S. DOLLARS blum hinges, blum hardware, blum concealed hinges, blum face frame mounting plates, blum face frame cabinet adapter plates, blum face frame cabinet adaptor plates, blum assembly aids, blum ecodrill, blum eco drill, blum inserta boring template, blum boring template, blum platemate, blum plate mate, blum mounting template, blum template, blum knock in tool, blum knock-in tool, blum cam adjustable center mount plate, blum off center plate, blum off-center plate, blum hinge accessories
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