Very Low Profile Fastmount Panel Mounting Systems New · For lightweight panels/light duty applications · No minimum support substrate thickness because female clips can be surface mounted · Easily installed with 2-part epoxy and the center point alignment tool · Perfect for mounting removable panels and facing such as wall panels, headboards and inspection panels · Ideally suited for mounting panels where no drilling is preferred Female clips for Very Low Profile are mounted to the support substrate. Male clips are mounted to the panel. Choose from these 2 clip sets: Standard Male/Female Clip Set · Surface or recess mount into 1" hole · Can be installed with included stainless steel screw or affixed with 2-part epoxy glue · CP Stainless Steel tip accessory works with female clips and used to mark hole center in panel for correct clip alignment, see below. Female Clip Male Clip Recess Mount 8 8 3.3 3.3 Surface Mount 9.8 9.8 VL-03 Pull out Force: 11 lbs. $1.11/set Heavy Duty Male/Female Clip Set Pull out Force: 22 lbs. $1.42/set 2.2 7.6 2.2 7.1 VL-03H Ø24.5 Ø28 Ø24.5 7 7 Accessories Installation Tool Sets include carbide tipped drill bits, installation tools, panel removal tool. (Required for 1st purchase) Panel Control System used in conjunction with standard profile clips to provide additional security and control. This allows for convenient service behind the panel or controlled removal of the panel by releasing the wire. The drop length for this stainless steel cable is 5-7/8". ø16.8 Use with: Standard Profile $280.50/set CT-08 Use with: Low Profile $144.50/set LP-08Y PS-150E Use with: Self-Tapping Standard Profile $28.90/set ø10 Stainless Steel Center Point Tip works with female clips and (1 ¼" ) Ø20 Ø32 2 used to mark hole center in panel for correct clip alignment. (Optional) 8 12 ø16.8 Use with: Standard Profile $6.80 ea. Full Line Master Distributor Click To View CP-01ST CP-08ST Use with: Low Profile $6.80 ea. Use with: Very Low Profile $8.25 ea. VL-CP3 PS-S150E Use with: Surface Mount Standard Profile $28.90/set (1 ¼" ) Ø38 3 19 Ø32 (1 ½" ) Click Here CATALOG IS PRICED IN U.S. DOLLARS H-45i Minimum order is $25.00 (Merchandise only). Orders less than this minimum will be billed as $25.00 plus shipping charges and tax, if applicable. Fastmount Panel Mounting Systems, Clips, Male Clips, Female Clips, Very Low Profile, Standard Male/Female Clip Set, Heavy Duty Male/Female Clip Set, Accessories For Fastmount, Center Point Tip, Panel Control System, OUTWATER PLASTICS INDUSTRIES, INC. · Ø 25 25 Ø
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