Steel Countertop Support Brackets Available In: 1008 Cold Rolled Steel / Raw (treated for customer's own painting or finishing) or 304 Stainless Steel Thickness: 1/4" (Except Where Noted) Flange Width: 2"- 3" Hole Size: Fits standard 1/4" screws/bolts Finishes Available: 304 Stainless Steel (Brushed #4) ­ SS 1008 Cold Rolled Steel (Raw) ­ CRS Powder Coated Bronze ­ BRZ TERRANCE New The Terrance countertop support is a decorative countertop support bracket that is perfect for supporting countertop overhangs. Standard island applications or wall hung counters will have full support and maximum leg room for stools with this countertop support bracket. Stainless steel is perfect for outdoors while raw steel can be painted to match indoors. Part # Finish Size Price Each 5+ Price IDAHO A popular design, the decorative, curved gusset on the bracket makes for a very attractive support while giving good leg room. The gusset extends through the flanges of the brace to allow for welding on the backside of the support, giving no visible weld on the face. With a strong support capacity and an elegant appearance, these are great for all kitchen, bath and other decorative applications. Price Each 5+ Price CSB10-TE-SS CSB12-TE-SS SS SS 10" x10" 12" x 12" $127.47 $139.37 $114.72 $125.43 STEALTH New The Stealth countertop support bracket has a slim gusset that provides additional support for heavier stone countertops such as granite, quartz, concrete and other solid surfaces. The Stealth is the perfect selection for supporting your wall hung counters, floating desks, etc. with no worry of knee knocking. A 500 pound carry capacity makes it perfect when there is no other support available. Part # Finish Size Price Each 5+ Price CSB8-ID-CRS CSB8-ID-SS CSB8-ID-BRZ CSB10-ID-CRS CSB10-ID-SS CSB10-ID-BRZ CSB12-ID-CRS CSB12-ID-SS CSB12-ID-BRZ CSB14-ID-CRS CSB14-ID-SS CSB16-ID-CRS CSB16-ID-SS CSB18-ID-CRS CSB18-ID-SS CSB20-ID-CRS CSB20-ID-SS CSB24-ID-CRS CSB24-ID-SS Part # Finish Size CRS SS BRZ CRS SS BRZ CRS SS BRZ CRS SS CRS SS CRS SS CRS SS CRS SS 8" x 8" 10" x 10" 12" x 12" 14" x 14" 16" x 16" 18" x 18" 20" x 20" 24" x 24" $84.01 $91.58 $95.15 $73.13 $99.25 $103.11 $94.73 $108.47 $112.69 $100.09 $114.60 $106.39 $191.41 $111.75 $202.12 $117.11 $138.39 $124.04 $184.12 $75.61 $83.96 $85.64 $67.03 $90.98 $92.80 $85.26 $99.43 $101.42 $90.08 $105.05 $95.75 $175.46 $100.58 $185.28 $105.40 $126.86 $111.64 $165.71 CSB10-ST-SS SS 10" x 10" $118.40 $106.56 The brackets have a load rating of over 1000 pounds per pair, as properly installed. See full resource & installation guide online. Click Here CATALOG IS PRICED IN U.S. DOLLARS K-3 ARCHITECTURAL PRODUCTS BY OUTWATER L.L.C. · Steel Countertop Support Brackets, Steel Counter Top Support Brackets, Steel Support Brackets
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