Steel Countertop Support Brackets Available In: Powder Coated Black or 1008 Cold Rolled Steel (treated for customer's own painting or finishing) Thickness: 1/4" (Except Where Noted) Flange Width: 2"- 3" Hole Size: Fits standard 1/4" screws/bolts HARMONY New Finish Available: 1008 Cold Rolled Steel (Raw) ­ CRS Powder Coated Black ­ BK The Harmony hidden countertop support bracket is a hidden countertop support designed specifically for an island with base cabinets. Installed on 1 x 2 strips across the top of the cabinet, the Harmony hidden support is available in one size and positioned forward or back depending on support required. Strong support for granite, quartz, marble or other stone countertops from 8" to 24". The Harmony hidden countertop bracket is available with a right or left side mounting flange to avoid interference with drawer slides. CSB24-HY3R-BK CSB24-HY1R-BK CSB24-HY3L-BK CSB24-HY1L-BK Part # Finish Size Price Each 5+ Price BK BK BK BK 24" 3 Pc. Right 24" 1 Pc. Right 24" 3 Pc. Left 24" 1 Pc. Left $121.75 $48.70 $121.75 $48.70 $109.58 $43.83 $109.58 $43.83 REPUBLIC New Sento The hidden support is a very popular configuration for breakfast bars and serving counters mounted on knee (pony) walls. Designed specifically to be used on a half wall, the Republic Top Plate hidden support is 12" long x 3.25" wide. When placed side by side the length of your half wall, our Republic's eliminate the need for routing or special wall treatment under the counter! Multiple holes allow you to fasten the Republic Top Plate without hitting the nails in the framework. Let Freedom Ring! CSB10-RP-BK CSB12-RP-BK CSB14-RP-BK Part # Finish Size Arm Width Price Each 5+ Price New BK BK BK 10" x 12" 12" x 12" 14" x 12" 2" 2" 2" $54.50 $60.25 $66.42 $49.05 $54.23 $59.78 NOTE: The size shown for the Republic is the length of arm extensions under your counter. The Republic has the additional 3.25" that mounts over the 2x4 stud wall. (Ex. Overall length of the 10x12 is 13.25") SENTO The Sento floating vanity support bracket provides balance and support strength with very little visibility. The formed fabrication process gives the Sento floating vanity support the strength to hold both base cabinets and countertops. The supporting arms are 18" long to support a 22" deep cabinet or countertop. Installation can be hidden behind wall material or through the cabinet base for a wall hung vanity. VSB1818-SEN-CRS Part # Finish Size Price Each 5+ Price CORNERSTONE New We are proud to present another solution to countertop installation in that hidden category. The Cornerstone hidden bracket support extends from the corner of the base cabinets to support that awkward and always deeper overhang in an L shaped counter. The Cornerstone Corner bracket will identify with our New Jersey and New York brackets to support corners across America and beyond. Short down flanges for fastening to the inside of the cabinets will remain out of the way of cabinet drawers. Everything you could want in a hidden support bracket and then some. Sing your anthem today! CSB15-CS-BK CSB18-CS-BK CSB20-CS-BK Part # Finish Size Price Each 5+ Price CRS 18" x18" $170.50 $153.45 NOTE: Vanity Supports will comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) when installed per the requirements of the Accessibility Guidelines, Section 606 Sinks, of the Act. BK BK BK 12" x 6.44" x 2" 14" x 6.44" x 2" 17" x 6.44" x 2" $55.05 $58.20 $62.90 $49.55 $52.38 $56.61 The brackets have a load rating of over 750 pounds per pair, as properly installed. See full resource & installation guide online. Click Here CATALOG IS PRICED IN U.S. DOLLARS K-5 ARCHITECTURAL PRODUCTS BY OUTWATER L.L.C. · Steel Countertop Support Brackets, Steel Counter Top Support Brackets, Steel Countertop Mounted Support Brackets, Steel Counter Top Mounted Support Brackets, Steel Mounted Support Brackets, Steel Support Brackets, Elevated Countertop Mounted Support Brackets, Elevated Counter Top Mounted Support Brackets, Elevated Mounted Support Brackets, Elevated Steel Countertop Mounted Support Brackets, Elevated Steel Counter Top Mounted Support Brackets, Elevated Steel Mounted Support Brackets, Elevated Support Brackets, Elevated Countertop Support Brackets, Elevated Counter Top Support Brackets
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