LED Lighting Accessories for Nova Backlighting System Material: Optical Grade PMMA Acrylic POWER SUPPLIES Plug In (12W) Plug In (60W) Hardwire (60W) Hardwire (150W) DIMMERS Leviton Sliding Dimmer Magnetic Dimming Power Supply Hardwire: 60W & 150W Lutron Diva Sliding Dimmer RF Dimmer with Remote (Plug In: Up To 60W) Dimming Module Hardwire: 60W + + CONTROLLER CONTROLLERS SPIDER CABLES 4-Way Long 6-Way Long Color Changing Temperature 2-Way Long RGB Mini 2-Way Short 4-Way Short 10’ Extension Cable RGB DMX Key For Turnable (CCT) White Only SAMPLE KITS 10” x 8” CCT Sample with 1A Power Supply & CCT Controller 10” x 8” RGB Sample with 1A Power Supply & RGB Controller 10” x 8” Sample with 1A Power Supply & Dimmer 10” x 8” Sample with 1A Power Supply 1 pc. of Cool, Warm White & Pure White 10” x 8 “ Sample with 1A Power Supply Part#: NOVA-SAMP108-*-P Price: $59.00 ea. Part#: NOVA-SAMP108-RGB-K Price: $89.00 ea. Part#: NOVA-SAMP108-CCT-K Price: $245.00 ea. Part#: NOVA-SAMP108-*-D Price: $69.00 ea. Part#: NOVA-SAMP-KIT Price: $169.00 ea. Cool White (*CW), Pure White (*PW) & Warm White (*WW)
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