LED Lighting The System with profile since 1965 FAB LED STRIP Super BrightLight OutputSuper BrightLight Output 24V 2 Powerful LED Options Illuminates SEG Graphics Evenly Without Hot Spots • Designed to fit inside the frame of FSB81TX and FSB150TX-CL. • Comes complete with finger lift hi-tack acrylic permanent tape. STANDARD DELUXE Specially designed lens spreads light evenly, creating no hot spots or shadows 1-1/2” 2”Length2-1/8”3/4”1/2” 2” 7/8” 3-1/8”3/4”1/2” 2-1/4” 2”2” 7/8” Length With LED Fab Strip Lighting Specifications Color Temperature CW: 6000K-7000K Beam Spread 40º Initial Lumens LED-FBF83-CW: 550-650 per ft. LED-FBF14-CW: 1000-1100 per ft. LED-FBF7-DLX-CW: 550-650 per ft. LED-FBF84-DLX-CW: 700-800 per ft. LED-FBF18-DLX-CW: 2000-2100 per ft. Color Rendering Index 75+ Rated Average Life 30,000 hrs. Constant Voltage Chip Size SMD3535 Warranty 3 Years Limited To ensure even illumination, the Fab LED Strip should be spaced no more then 2” apart. Strip Distance: 2” • The overall width of your frame should not exceed 96", but the brightness level is greatest at 50" or less. • Do not exceed running more lights than suggested because of voltage drop. However, if you "split" the load using a 2-way connector then you can have more lights on each side. The 2-way connector requires 2 power linking cables (LED-FBF-PWL*) that work with these lights. For Accessories, See Page R-121. Part # Length Color Temp # Of LED Modules Total Wattage Max # Can Connect Price 20+ Pcs. STANDARD BRIGHTNESS LED-FBF83-CW 8” Cool White 3 7 10 $13.50 ea. $12.50 ea. LED-FBF14-CW 14” Cool White 5 10 7 $23.00 ea. $21.50 ea. DELUXE BRIGHTNESS LED-FBF7-DLX-CW 6-1/8” Cool White 3 7 8 $16.00 ea. $15.00 ea. LED-FBF84-DLX-CW 8” Cool White 4 8 10 $21.00 ea. $20.00 ea. LED-FBF18-DLX-CW 18-1/2” Cool White 9 20 4 $47.00 ea. $45.10 ea. Without LED Fab Strip
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