LED Lighting 120V Accessories for Non-Neon Lighting Optional (Any Combination) Required Required Required End Cap Color Jacket Power Cord Connecting Cable Connector Heat Shrink + + + &/or &/or If cutting end cap is required See Page R-22 See Page R-22 See Page R-22 See Page R-22 For Pricing, See Page R-21 ACCESSORIES FOR NON-NEON FLEXIBLE LED LIGHTING Part # Description Price A NZL-1426-PWR 1.65 Ft. Long Powercord (Required) $4.35 ea. B NZL-1426-2JN 2 Ft. Long Connecting Cable (Optional) $2.15 ea. C NZL-1426-6JN 6 Ft. Long Connecting Cable (Optional) $4.55 ea. D NZL-1426-2L L Connector: 2 Way - Pins Included (Optional) $1.50 ea. E NZL-1426-3T T Connector: 3 Way - Pins Included (Optional) $1.60 ea. F NZL-1426-SPL 2 in. Long Heat Shrink With Splicing Pin To Fit PVC Tubing (Optional) $1.00 ea. G NZL-1426-END End Cap (Required If Cutting) $0.35 ea. H NZL-1426-MNT 2” Long Plastic Mounting Clip (Optional) $0.20 ea. I NZL-1426-CH2 2” Long Aluminum Mounting Clip (Optional) $0.50 ea. J CT-2000 Multi Purpose Cutter w/5 Interchangeable Anvils & Storage Case (Optional) $29.95 kit * Seal w/GE Silicone or Equivalent C B A F E D H G I J
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