Ceiling Tiles Before MINERAL FIBER CEILING TILES 2' X 2' LAY-IN THICKNESS: .030" FLEXLAM MINERAL FIBER CEILING TILES offer customers the ability to replace their standard mineral fiber ceilings with a long-lasting solution that prevents dirty, water stained ceilings. Our mineral fiber ceiling tiles are waterproof thermoplastic ceiling tiles that provide flexibility, MINERAL PCT22L-MIN $18.35 ea. Prevent Dirty, Water-Stained Ceilings with a Lasting Solution STANDARD FINISH durability and an easy to clean surface. Available in 2' x 2' size for lay-in ceiling applications, this revolutionary tile is flat with tegular/revealed edges which allows the panel to drop below the grid providing unique architectural dimension. After FLEXLAM CEILING ACCESSORIES GRIDMAXTM IS A PATENTED, SNAP-ON GRID COVER designed to make grid systems invisible. It is cost effective and doesn't rust or scratch. GridMax is sized to fit over 15/16" T-bar suspension grid systems, with other sizes available by special order. Mains, Tees and mouldings are necessary to cover the entire grid system. They are packaged together, to complete 100 square feet of ceiling, and sold separately to use as needed. GM210-* (4' Main Cover)...$2.35 ea. GM220-* (2' Tee Cover)...$1.15 ea. Click Here 15/16" (24 MM) GRIDMAX IN PAINTABLE APPLYING GRIDMAX OVER T-BAR SUSPENSION GRID SYSTEM GRIDMAX IN MOONSTONE COPPER For the amount of GridMax needed, measure the perimeter and calculate the square footage. GM230-* (4' Tee Cover)...$2.35 ea. GM250-* (4' Wall Moulding Cover)...$2.35 ea. * See pages S-20d - S-20e for color chart. S-20c Minimum order is $25.00 (Merchandise only). Orders less than this minimum will be billed as $25.00 plus shipping charges and tax, if applicable. ARCHITECTURAL PRODUCTS BY OUTWATER L.L.C. · www.outwater.com CATALOG IS PRICED IN U.S. DOLLARS ceiling tiles, Thermoplastic PVC Ceiling Tiles, Thermoplastic PVC Ceiling Panels, Thermoplastic Ceiling Tiles, Thermoplastic Ceiling Panels, Plastic PVC Ceiling Tiles, Plastic PVC Ceiling Panels, Plastic Ceiling Tiles, Plastic Ceiling Panels, Lay-In, Lay In, Glue-Up, Glue Up, Ceiling Grid Covers, Snap-On Ceiling Grid Covers, Snap On Ceiling Grid Covers, Snap-On Grid Covers, Snap On Grid Covers, T-Bar, T Bar, Suspension Grid Ceilings, Suspension Ceilings, Suspended Grid Ceilings, Suspended Ceilings
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