Columns STOCK WOOD COLUMNS OUR WOOD COLUMNS ARE RECOMMENDED FOR INDOOR USE ONLY. FOR EXTERIOR APPLICATIONS, SEE OUR FIBERGLASS COLUMNS Our columns are available in a kiln dried, clear, finger jointed pine. The staves are assembled using tongue & groove joints and glued with a Type I waterproof glue, pine is dip treated with a wood preservative and sanded. These are paint grade columns; stain grades are available as architecturally correct. All are available plain or fluted and come with a polyurethane cap and base (unattached). Large stock columns come with a fiberglass or polyurethane cap and base. Please check your dimensions. All diameters are nominal. Overall height includes cap and base, all columns require field trimming to exact height requirements. 1. Be sure to follow all finishing and ventilation instructions, this will insure a long life and is crucial to a successful installation. 2. Stock columns are of a commodity grade, they will require trimming, filling and sanding. For a select furniture grade product, we recommend the architecturally correct columns. They are more expensive, but are among the best on the market today and are "finish ready". 3. Architecturally correct, redwood, large stock and altered/modified stock columns are all made to order; they will require a deposit and production lead time. SERVICES AVAILABLE Price Per Description Part # Column Adjust column to a specified height DR-HEIGHT/ADJ $30.00 Cut wood column at bead for decorative cap DR-BEAD/ADJ $30.00 Altering flutes from standard length DR-FLUTE/ALTER $30.00 Splitting for pilaster (surface mount) application SEE CHART Splitting & splining for reassembly around a structural post SEE CHART ADDITIONAL CAP/BASE SETS TAPERED COLUMNS Fits Price Part # Columns Per Set IMPORTANT NOTES REGARDING STOCK WOOD COLUMNS SPLITTING & SPLINING CHARGES Splitting Fee Price Per Column Split & Spline Fee Price Per Column Part # CF9 CF10 CF12 CF13 CF14 CF16 CF18 CF20 CF22 ONCE A COLUMN IS SPLIT & SPLINED, IT IS NO LONGER STRUCTURAL. WHEN SPLITTING COLUMNS FOR RE-ASSEMBLY, WE RECOMMEND SPLITTING & SPLINING THE COLUMN. PLEASE INDICATE SIZE & SHAPE OF POST TO BE WRAPPED. DR6 DR8 DR10 DR12 6" 8" 10" 12" $27.98 $36.15 $43.14 $48.97 DR6NTP DR8NTP DR10NTP DR12NTP ADDITIONAL CAP/BASE SETS NON-TAPERED COLUMNS Fits Price Part # Columns Per Set 8 FT. 9 FT. 10 FT. 12 FT. 14 FT. 16 FT. 18 FT. 20 FT. 22 FT. Size $27.00 $30.00 $33.00 $38.00 $45.00 $67.00 $98.00 $128.30 $140.00 $84.26 $95.29 $106.31 $127.05 $148.05 $180.06 $185.00 $202.50 $221.25 6" 8" 10" 12" $33.81 $44.31 $52.47 $61.80 IMPORTANT NOTES REGARDING PROPER VENTILATION & FINISHING OF WOOD COLUMNS Prior To Storage OR Installation: Columns must be primed twice with an oil based exterior primer and painted once with an oil based exterior paint. This applies to shaft top, bottom, exterior and as much of interior as can be reached. Caps and bases are polyurethane and do not require this preparatory step. OUR WOOD COLUMNS ARE RECOMMENDED FOR INDOOR USE ONLY. FOR EXTERIOR APPLICATIONS, SEE OUR FIBERGLASS COLUMNS Ventilation ***** USE OIL BASED PRIMER & PAINTS ONLY...DO NOT USE LATEX! ***** A. Recessed Soffit Vents are cut into all caps & bases. These allow for air to enter & escape from column interior. Do not position vents on caps into possible direct water contact. Do not block vents. It is imperative that air is allowed to escape through the capital. This can be done in several ways. Some of the more common methods are: A. Recessed Soffit Application - (with at least a 1/2" minimum recess). Does not require any further ventilation. B. Flush Soffit Application - requires blocking (1/2" minimum height) on both sides of cap vent hole, running the width of the cap. C. Flush Ceiling - requires drilling a hole in ceiling (the same size as and directly above cap vent hole). Make sure the cavity that the column is exhausting into is also vented so that air may flow freely and any condensation can dissipate. B. Flush Soffit Finishing Fill as needed with an exterior wood putty and sand. Lightly sand between coats. Use oil based primer and paints not use latex! Prior to installation (or storage) prime twice (with an oil based exterior primer) shaft top, bottom, exterior and as much of the interior that can be reached. Coat same surfaces with one coat of an oil based exterior paint. If column is cut down, prime and paint cut surface(s) prior to installation. After installation column shaft, cap and base can be finished with 1-2 coats of an oil based exterior paint. PROPER VENTILATION AND FINISHING ARE NOT SUGGESTIONS -THEY ARE REQUIRED FOR SUCCESSFUL INSTALLATION AND LONG COLUMN LIFE. C. Flush Ceiling Basic Column Assembly The two most common methods of column assembly are: 1. Assembling column outside installation location Drive several galvanized or brass screws through top of cap into top of shaft, also through bottom of base into bottom of shaft. Slide column into place and toenail/screw (using galvanized or brass fasteners) cap and base into mounting overhead surface and floor. Plug any holes with an exterior wood putty, sand and finish. 2. Assembling column within installation location Drive several galvanized or brass screws through base into floor. Do same to attach cap to overhead mounting surface. Slide shaft in place and toenail/screw (using galvanized or brass fasteners) into cap and base. Plug any holes with an exterior wood putty, sand and finish. The assembly techniques shown are only the basics of installation. Location must be sound, plumb & level. Column shaft may require to be trimmed prior to assembly. A bead of caulk/adhesive should be used on shaft ends (where shaft mounts to cap & base) and along outside where cap, shaft & base meet. This insures a good seal between components. Although wood columns can be used in exterior applications, it is imperative that they are properly sealed from moisture and vented to ensure a long life. (See instructions regarding finishing and installation). However, please be aware that using the wood columns in an exterior application will void any warranty. We Strongly Suggest Our Fiberglass Columns For Exterior Applications Minimum order is $25.00 (Merchandise only). Orders less than this minimum will be billed as $25.00 plus shipping charges and tax, if applicable. Stock Wood Columns, Installation Instructions, Ventilation Instructions, Finishing Instructions Click Here Phone:1-800-835-4400 · Fax:1-800-835-4403 Y-23
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