Balustrade System OUTWATER'S CAST STONE 7" BALUSTRADE SYSTEM BALUSTERS, BALUSTER RAILS, NEWEL POSTS & ACCESSORIES Due to photographic imaging, products may vary slightly in color. Color samples available Please inquire. TEXTURED COLORS PAINTABLE Limestone (LS) Sandstone (SS) White (WH) White Smooth (PT) RAILS Superior quality rail with a unique pin / pipe system which allows a much more secure and professional installation. Screws (even concrete screws) can deteriorate and corrode quickly, making them unsafe as a main form of attachment for rails. RAILS ARE SOLD PER FOOT UP TO 16' LONG 7-1/2" CAVITY TOP RAIL SST7 12 LBS/FT VINYL PIPE 6-3/4" 6-3/8" POST CAP NEWEL POST CONNECTOR PIN ASSEMBLY ø4" TOP RAIL BALUSTER SST7-* (Top Rail) SSB7-* (Bottom Rail) STONE:...$42.94 per ft. 1' SHOWN UP TO 16' Limestone (*LS) or 1' (*SS) Sandstone SHOWN UP TO 16' WHITE:...$42.94 per ft. Textured (*WH) or Smooth (*PT) 6" VINYL PIPE 6" BOTTOM RAIL SSB7 12 LBS/FT CAVITY 7-1/2" 6-1/4" SPACERS Rail spacers are required every 2-3 feet of rail Custom Radii available, please inquire. 4" x 2" x Standard 1/2" High SPACE-1-* 4" x 2" x 1" High for wooded areas 24" SPACE-2-* 24" DRAINAGE SPACER BOTTOM RAIL STONE:...$4.40 ea. Limestone (*LS) or Sandstone (*SS) WHITE:...$4.40 ea. Textured (*WH) or Smooth (*PT) STONE:...$7.39 ea. Limestone (*LS) or Sandstone (*SS) WHITE:...$7.39 ea. Textured (*WH) or Smooth (*PT) NEWEL POSTS FLAT CAP 1-3/4" SSNP-34-* (9"x 9" x 34") STONE:...$152.85 ea. Limestone (*LS) or Sandstone (*SS) WHITE:...$152.85 ea. Textured (*WH) or Smooth (*PT) FLAT CAP SSNP-38-* NEWEL POST 34", 38" 44", 46" (9"x 9" x 38") STONE:...$209.16 ea. Limestone (*LS) or Sandstone (*SS) WHITE:...$209.16 ea. Textured (*WH) or Smooth (*PT) 10" FLAT CAP 1-3/4" SSFC-10-* SSNP-44-* (9"x 9" x 44") STONE:...$233.29 ea. Limestone (*LS) or Sandstone (*SS) WHITE:...$233.29 ea. Textured (*WH) or Smooth (*PT) 10" (10"x 10" x 1-3/4") STONE:...$49.50 ea. Limestone (*LS) or Sandstone (*SS) WHITE:...$49.50 ea. Textured (*WH) or Smooth (*PT) CONNECTOR PINS SS-CP-1-* STONE:...$5.06 ea. Limestone (*LS) or Sandstone (*SS) WHITE:...$5.06 ea. Textured (*WH) or Smooth (*PT) SSNP-46-* 9" Newel posts are 4-sided raised panels. If you require any sides to be plain you must specify when ordering. (9"x 9" x 46") STONE:...$254.28 ea. Limestone (*LS) or Sandstone (*SS) WHITE:...$254.28 ea. Textured (*WH) or Smooth (*PT) Each section of rail requires 8 connecting pins, (4 top, 4 bottom). Stone Columns available on pages Y-10~11 (produced from separate manufacturers, balustrade colors and column will not match) Click Here CATALOG IS PRICED IN U.S. DOLLARS ALL ORDERS ARE CONSIDERED CUSTOM. ONCE IN PRODUCTION, NO CANCELLATIONS OR RETURNS. Y-34 Minimum order is $25.00 (Merchandise only). Orders less than this minimum will be billed as $25.00 plus shipping charges and tax, if applicable. Cast Stone Balustrade System, Cast Stone Baluster Rails, Cast Stone Newel Posts, Cast Stone Spacers ARCHITECTURAL PRODUCTS BY OUTWATER L.L.C. ·
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